Which Ring Size Am I?

It is very important to know your ring size before buying a ring. Buying a ring that is too big for you means you will have to correct the ring’s location on your finger frequently and, should the ring be significantly larger than your actual ring size, you are at a very high risk of losing the ring. With the significant amount of money than jewelry tends to cost, losing a ring, especially those expensive ones that contain diamonds, is out of the question. On the other hand, buying a ring that is too small for your finger mean it may not fit onto your finger or it may cause your blood flow to become restricted.

Things Need To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

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For these reasons, you should first determine what ring size you are before you even start figure out your ring size. It really is not hard to determine your own ring size. Firstly, if you do have a particular retailer in mind, then you should see if they have a ring sizer tool available to help you identify the perfect ring size for you. Even if you do not have a particular nearest jewelry retailer in mind, simply popping into a local diamond retailer may help you identify your particular ring size as most of these retailers will have tools that can help you identify your perfect ring size. Some online jewelry retailers also offer ring sizer tools – certain online jewelers will even offer to send you such a tool free of charge to help you identify your ring size; thus ensuring you buy a ring that will be a perfect fit.

You can measure your ring size at home. A simple Google search will give you access to ring size guides that can be used to determine your ring size. These guides to measure ring size offer visual images that you can use to determine what size ring you should order – simply use a ring you already own that fits perfectly and see which image it corresponds to, then you know what ring size you are.

When measuring your ring finger directly, it is important to do the measurement later in the day since a person’s fingers tend to be somewhat smaller in the morning. Such a measurement should also be done more than once to avoid error.