Verragio Jewelry Reviews

Every industry has a particular brand that stands out from the rest.

The soda industry has Coca Cola, the sports industry has Nike and the coffee shop industry has Starbucks, of course. When it comes to the diamond industry, it is often difficult to determine which brand really stands out from the crowd. The reason is mostly because different brands design different types of jewelry. There is also the fact that some brands are not classified as “designer jewelry”, but rather utilizes traditional designs to produce their jewelry in bulk. When you take a look at the designer jewelry brands, however, you will notice that some brands are more popular than others. One brand in particular that is receiving a lot of attention from people that are looking to buy diamond jewelry is Verragio, a company that specializes in designing engagement rings and other types of fine jewelry that are truly unique to their brand. Let’s take a look at what they offer and, of course, a particular feature from this company that allows the customer to personalize your engagement ring.

Verragio Diamonds – What You Should Know

First, we should explore the history of Verragio and what the brand is all about. Verragio was founded around two decades ago and have since been one of the top designer jewelry brands – not only in the United States, but also in numerous other countries throughout the world. They are most famous amongst brides due to their sophisticated range of bridal jewelry, but they also offer other types of fine jewelry that make them a good brand for anyone to buy a special piece of jewelry for a loved one – or even as a gift for themselves. We would like to note that the original founder of Verragio, named Barry Verragio, started out as an apprentice when he was only 14. He quickly mastered the art of jewelry design and improved his skills while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. The very first ring in the Verragio designer jewelry collection was produced by Barry in the 1990s. Soon after, the brand was born.

Verragio engagement rings do not only focus on the bride but also caters toward the groom. A lot of designer brands often tend to focus more on the bride and makes it difficult for the groom to find something for themselves. This is not the case with Verragio as they offer an extensive range of engagement rings and wedding jewelry for both the bride and the groom. When you log on to their website, you will notice that there is a section that asks you to choose whether you are shopping “For Her” or “For Him” – these links will take you to the appropriate pages that allow you to browse designer jewelry by Verragio for a particular gender.

Finally, we also want to discuss something that often sets Verragio apart from many other designer brands of diamond jewelry. In addition to offering a range of different wedding jewelry, the company also has a feature that allows the buyer to personalize a ring they are interested in. They can choose between different laces, beadings, wraps and a particular shank that best suits their style.


Verragio is a diamond designer jewelry brand that specializes in manufacturing engagement rings and many other types of fine jewelry that are unique to their particular brand. Their jewelry can be purchased a variety of physical retailers and is also available at numerous online stores; thus making them available to most potential customers. The company also offers their customers the ability to customize rings to suit their individual fashion sense, which is something that we rarely find with a designer jewelry brand.

If you are interested in this brand, our recommendation is purchase them online at this jeweler.  You’ll be in amazing hands, and if you read the James Allen review, you’ll see why the earned our prestigious five diamond award.