Vatche Review: Modern Jewelry That Suits Your Every Need

Every designer diamond jewelry brand has their own unique way of making engagement rings, wedding rings and other types of jewelry. They all also have something that makes them stand out from the rest for specific customers – their target market. While one brand focuses on traditional designs, another may focus on including fancy diamonds in their jewelry or creating rings with odd shapes.

Vatche, on the other hand, specializes in fine jewelry that is petite and meant for brides with smaller fingers. Their jewelry is primarily designed to complement the bride’s petite hands and fingers, instead of looking like a large rock. Apart from their bridal collection, Vatche also offers various other types of jewelry, such as jewelry that are specifically made for men, fashion jewelry for women and more. Let’s take a closer look at Vatche, what the brand is all about and what you can expect from them

Bridal Collection

d vatche ring collection

Since Vatche mainly focuses on designing unique jewelry for the petite brides out there, we should start by looking at their bridal collection of jewelry. They do have different collections of bridal jewelry available to choose from, including:

  • The “Equal Love” collection
  • The “Serenity” collection
  • The “Three Stone” collection
  • The “Alexa” Collection

In addition to these collections, the brand also offers more affordable choices in standard “designer engagement rings” and “bands” collections. For those that are not afraid to spend a little more, Vatche also has a section dedicated to the PGI Designer Awards collection, which includes some of their most desirable designs that have previously won awards.

One particular aspect about the bridal collection from Vatche can be seen as positive by some potential customers, as well as a negative attribute by others. We are referring to the fact that the company does not list all of their jewelry on their website and they do not have a large selection of bridal jewelry to choose from. Most designer brands have at least 20 to 50 engagement rings to choose from, for example. Many of those jewelry designers collections can be viewed on our 5 Diamond Award online retailer. Vatche, on the other hand, only lists four different designs on their website. They also do not disclose any prices, which makes it extremely difficult to determine whether or not a particular customer would be able to afford their products.

Other Vatche Jewelry Collections

Apart from their bridal collections, Vatche also features a “Women’s” and “Men’s” section on their website. These departments include different types of finest designer jewelry brands specially designed for men and women. In the woman’s section, we found a selection of bracelets, as well as one necklace, listed. Even though different categories of products were given, it seems like these were the only products listed on their website. In the men’s section, a selection of bands was showcased. Surprisingly, their selection of rings for men are significantly more diverse and much larger than the selection of rings they have when you browse their bridal collection, as well as the section on their website that has been dedicated to fashion jewelry for women. Similar to the bridal collection, no prices or specific details about any of the products in these two collections are mentioned on their website.


Vatche is a designer brand of diamond jewelry that specializes in petite jewelry that is made to complement the hands and fingers of smaller, petite women. The brand also designs unique pieces of jewelry for men, and it is not simply a brand for brides, but also for women who are simply looking to be spoiled. Vatche’s designer jewelry can be found at numerous authorized retailers. They are supported by thousands of happy customers and have an entire page dedicated to testimonials submitted by past buyers. I’m always curious to know how our readers chose the Vatche design out of all the rest of the designers. Please write in and let us know!