Jared Jewelry Review

There are thousands of branded jewelry designers to be found in local retail stores in modern times. Each claiming to offer the perfect cut, the best diamonds and the purest clarity at the best rate. Unfortunately, many of these jewelry brands often fails to truly deliver on their promises and simply uses their tagline for marketing purposes; thus misleading customers into believing that they are truly the best in the industry, leading to a customer paying way too much for a diamond that they could have obtained from another company at a lower price.  Jared Jewelry is the company we want to talk about today, a brand that has gained popularity amongst diamond lovers in the recent years, yet there are still many concerns about their pricing and the quality of their diamonds.

Jared Jewelry Review: What You Should Know About This Designer Brand

While there was only a very small amount of “designer jewelry brands” a few years back, today we see new brands popping up and claiming to offer “designer” jewelry year-after-year. The larger the selection of “designer brands” grow, the more difficult it becomes for the new diamond buyer to choose a reliable company or brand to buy from. This often leads to compulsive decisions that a buyer would only regret later on.

Jared Jewelry is one of the newer brands on the market, claiming to provide the public with high-quality branded jewelry that are perfect for every occasion and event – be it an engagement or simply to show off some of your elegance. The company has a very wide selection of products to choose from and, unlike many of the brands that are producing designer content today, this brand does not put too much of a focus on their diamonds engagement rings, but rather equally focuses on their other items.

As an example, instead of only showcasing jareds engagement rings on the homepage, Jared Jewelry store currently features their new Blueberry Zircon and Denim Ombre’ collection on the homepage; thus catering to every single customer that lands on their website – not only those who are planning an engagement. This particular collection features a range of different jewelry, including sophisticated necklaces and elegant earrings, all featuring a unique set of diamonds that changes color throughout the piece of jewelry.

Unfortunately, even though the brand seems to have quite a lot of potential when it comes to offering a variety of different products, there seems to be quite a lot of aspects about the company that is questionable. For one, some reports claim that the diamond grading certificates that are provided with the purchase of a diamond jewelry piece by Jared Jewelry rings are not very accurate or reliable. This might mean that the company is overcharging for their diamonds since the grading reports were conducted by institutes that are more lenient than others; thus leading inappropriately high ratings on particular aspects, such as the four c’s that are inspected while a diamond grading report is compiled.


Even though jared’s jewelry has become popular in recent times, many people are still concerned about various elements of this particular brand. Their prices, for one, seems to be excessively high, while the certificates provided with their diamonds does not always seem to be reliable. Thus, we advise customers to do their homework before buy diamond online from Jared Jewelry, and to first do some research to see if they could perhaps find a particular diamond they are interested in at a more affordable price from another brand.