Whiteflash Review: are they really the ‘Lord of Online Rings’?

The highly regarded Kiplinger’s magazine conducted a secret shopping survey of diamond e-commerce sites and named Whiteflash as “Lord of the Online Rings”.  A declaration like that from such a well-respected financial publication certainly caught our attention!So we decided to take a close look to see whatWhiteflash offers that others don’t.

The first thing we notice is a seriously full featured responsive website. Not only do they have all the tools you need to sort and filter diamonds by size, qualities and price, but the website is rich with high quality educational content.  Whiteflash wants you to be informed.

Whiteflash A Cut ABOVE® – Is Cut Quality that Important?

Then there are the extraordinary Whiteflash diamonds.  Whiteflash is unique in that they produce precision cut diamonds and stock them in depth.(Most online companies offer only virtual inventories that they don’t even possess).  The Whiteflash flagship diamond brand is the A CUT ABOVE®, considered one of the true super ideals on the market. In addition they have two other categories of in-stock diamonds – Expert Selection (AGS Ideals), and Premium Select (GIA Triple Ex).  All their in-house diamonds are fully evaluated and posted to their website with lab report, advanced light performance images, and TWO HD videos each in a different lighting environment.

With this level of quality and all the detailed diagnostics provided you would think that Whiteflash diamonds would be more expensive than all the rest.  But in fact their pricing structure is very competitive given the overall value proposition. And if you look at all the customer testimonials posted on the internet about Whiteflash, their customers are obviously quite pleased with both the value and the customer care.

Whiteflash Designer Engagement Rings – What about Price and Selection?

Whiteflash clearly recognizes that customers looking for top quality diamonds are also looking for top quality design and craftsmanship.  In addition to their own jewelry line crafted by their own jewelers, Whiteflash is authorized distributor for the most popular bridal design brands on the market.  You can browse the catalogues of Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, A.Jaffe, Vatche, Danhov, and Ritani.  Whiteflash can provide any style from any of their outstanding portfolio of design houses.  And pricing?  Designer brand pricing is universal, so you want pay any more from Whiteflash for a designer item than you will from any other merchant.

The Whiteflash Difference – Is It Worth It?

Whether or not Whiteflash is the right vendor for you is a personal decision.  Not every diamond shopper is looking for elite quality, or cares deeply about optimized light performance.  But if you are looking for the most beautiful diamonds and engagement rings available, and you want to know everything you can about your purchase and be guided by GIA and AGS professionals, there are few places better to visit than Whiteflash.

And reputation?  Whiteflash has won top honors from the Better Business Bureau every year since 2004, while maintaining an A+ rating.  They are also members of the American Gem Society, the most prestigious organization in the jewelry industry dedicated to consumer education and protection. As if those credentials aren’t impressive enough, Whiteflash is one of the few retail jewelers in the world to be certified for ISO 9000 Quality Management.


After investigating Kiplinger’s claim that Whiteflash is “Lord of the Online Rings”, we now understand why they were so impressed with their experience secret shopping Whiteflash.  Whiteflash is specialized in diamonds of the finest cut quality and light performance, and they don’t try to be everything to everybody.  But the things they focus on they do extremely well; in-stock ideal and super ideal diamonds, designer engagement rings, and top flight customer care.