August Birthstones: Peridot and Sardonyx

Similar to March, the month of August has also been bestowed with two different gemstones, one named the primary birthstone and most commonly associated with the month, and the other deemed a secondary birthstone. The primary august birthstone is the Peridot gemstone, while the gemstone that has been deemed secondary is the Sardonyx. Each has their own unique qualities that do not only make the valuable, but also the perfect types of stones to be associated with the month of August. Let’s take a look at where these two stones came from and learn more about their characteristics.

The Peridot Gemstone

Since the Peridot is considered the primary birthstone of August, we should first look at this particular stone. The Peridot gemstone is associated with serenity and a relaxed state-of-mind, while also thought to bring about an end to unpleasant nightmares and stop evil terrors. Some also consider Peridot gemstones a powerful stone to heal the human body and to drive away any negative thoughts that a person may have.

This gemstone is quite old, with some reports suggesting that the Peridot may have been discovered at around 2000 B.C. It is thought that these gemstones were first discovered in ancient Egypt, where the Egyptians found the Peridot gemstones on a volcanic island, found within the Red Sea. Today, however, this particular location is called St. John’s Island, but also referred to as Zabargad.

The Peridot gemstone features an olive green color in most cases, with a bright green color expelled from the stone with a light source is held close to the gemstone. The color of a Peridot gemstone is not always olive or bright green, but may also contain hues of brown or yellow. The particular august birthstone color of such a stone is primarily determined by the amount of iron found inside of the stone.

On the Mohs hardness scale, the Peridot ranks seventh, making it appropriate as an everyday gemstone when worn in earrings or fitted in a necklace. This gemstone may, however, not be the most appropriate choice for an everyday ring.

The Sardonyx Gemstone

The Sardonyx gemstone has been marked as the secondary birthstone for August. It is often presented as an alternative to primary gemstone for those who do not favor the characteristics of the Peridot birthstone. The Sardonyx is quite a unique gemstone and listed as part of the mineral chalcedony gemstone family. The stone is actually comprised out of two different mineral chalcedony varieties, including the popular onyx and also sard – the Sardonyx features layers of these two mineral chalcedony varieties.

The first sight of the Sardonyx gemstone dates back to approximately 2000 B.C, similar to the Peridot. It seems like the stone was first uncovered in ancient Greek and Rome. Individuals who were part of these civilizations wore rings and pendants that were fitted with Sardonyx stones – this was believed to bring them protection within a battle that was to follow. Today, the Sardonyx is still associated with both courage and strength. Additionally, the stone is also associated with happiness.

These gemstones also features a range of different birthstone colors, which may include red that also contain some yellow tint, or a red with hues of brown.


August has been associated with two different birthstones, the primary being the Peridot gemstone and the secondary being the Sardonyx gemstone. These two gemstones have some unique characteristics that makes them the perfect gift for someone special celebrating their birthday in the month of August, and have even been seen worn by some of the most recognized faces in the world of celebrities.