June Birthstones

June is a very special month when it comes to matching the birth month of a person to a specific set of gemstones – not only special, but also somewhat complex. According to Birthstones.me, June has been associated with as much as 10 different types of gemstones in the past; thus it can be hard to determine what stone to buy as a gift for someone who is celebrating within the month of June. The modern day society, however, has filtered down the long list of June birthstones, and have come up with three gemstones that best suit those who were born in this month, marking the middle of the year. These three gemstones include the Pearl, the Alexandrite and the Moonstone. Let’s take a closer look at each of these gemstones, including some essential information about their characteristics and value, and also consider each stone’s particular origin.


Pearls are highly valued and highly sought-after gemstones that are most recognized for their formation – being that these gemstones are not formed within rocks like other gemstones, but rather inside certain species of clams and oysters. EarthSky explains that Pearls are formed when a parasite, a small grain of sand or a rock fragment enters the shell of the mollusk, which then causes the organism to become irritated. In response, the foreign substance is then coated with shell material; thus resulting in the formation of a Pearl

The white Pearl is most popular, used in jewelry ranging from necklaces to sophisticated sets of valuable earrings. White, however, is not the only color in which Pearls can be found. These gemstones June birthstone colors such as black, lavender, green, cream, mauve, blue and yellow. The first mentions of pearls dates back to around 2300 B.C., when it was presented to the royalties of China as gifts. The use of Pearls also links back to Rome, Persian princesses and Paris.


The Alexandrite gemstone is considered very rare. The gemstone is exquisite and considered extremely valuable – it is also one of the few gemstones that naturally features color-changing features. When held in sunlight, the stone tends to turn into a green color. When under lamplight, however, the stone turns to red. This gemstone is one of the rarest varieties of mineral chrysoberyl.

Alexandrite is a relatively newly discovered gemstone. Most gemstones date back thousands of years, but this particular gemstone only dates back to the 1830s. It was first discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Today, however, it is also found in Brazil, East Africa and Sri Lanka.


Finally, the Moonstone, another gemstone that has made the list of birthstone for June. These stones have been named due to the fact that they are thought to resemble the visual appearance of the moon. These white spots turn into silver parts when light is directed at the stones – similar to how the moon reflects silver parts when the sun’s light is directed at it.

Similar to many other gemstones, the Moonstone dates back to ancient times, with some mentions that these gemstones were used in jewelry in the year 100AD amongst Romans. There are also mentions of the moonstone amongst Greek history.


Even though historical writings have mentioned up to 10 different gemstones associated with those born in the month of June, the number of birthstone June have been reduced to three primary gemstones throughout the past several years. Today, the Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone are associated with the month of June, each featuring characteristics that does not only make them the perfect gift for people born in this month, but also for a variety of other occasions.