February Birthstone: The Amethyst Expels Evil Thoughts And Aids In Bringing About A Clear Mind

The Amethyst stone is associated with people born in February and dates back to over 25,000 years. The birthstone for february features a distinctive purple color and is associated with bringing about a clearer mind and expelling evil thoughts amongst its wearers. The stone is part of the Quartz family and is readily available in most countries through the world. The Amethyst stone has been seen on the red carpet and is often provided as a wedding anniversary gift. Here, we will dive deeper into some essential facts about the Amethyst stone, look at what is currently known about its origin and also consider when it is most appropriate to use the Amethyst as a gift.

The Colors Of The Amethyst Stone

purple amethyst

Let’s start our overview of the Amethyst stone by looking at the different colors the gemstone is available in. Unlike many of the other gemstones that are available on the market, the Amethyst stone’s color variety is somewhat limited, but this is also what makes the stone so unique. The primary color of these gemstones are purple – the purple hue defers from one stone to another. While some Amethyst stones feature a light purple color, others can feature a deeper, richer violet purple color. There are also some Amethyst stones that contain hints of red hues.

The Amethyst’s Origin

It not is known exactly when the Amethyst stone was first discovered. The Gemological Institute of America reports that some indications dates the discovery of the Amethyst stone back to around 2000BCE. It is also believed that the Amethyst stone was used by ancient civilizations as decorative gemstones. It is also important to note that the Amethyst stone is part of the Quartz family, making it an abundant type of gemstone that can be found throughout the world. The stone is also rather cost-effective. It is most abundant within Brazil, but is also found in Canada, Mexico, the United States, Zambia and many other countries.

The Meaning Of The Amethyst Stone

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The Amethyst stone has quite a lot of history and the name of this stone is derived from the Greek word “methustos”, which translates to “intoxicated” in English. The stone is believed to protect the wearer against ill thoughts and evil powers. It is also believed that wearing an Amethyst stone powers  helps to promote a sharp, clear mind.  Furthermore, there are also believes that the Amethyst is the perfect gemstone for bringing about stability and peace to a wearer’s life, as well as to provide the wearer with strength. The Amethyst stone is also a beautiful stone with numerous features that make it quite unique.

Properties Of The Amethyst Stone

We should also consider some essential facts about the purple Amethyst stone. As we have mentioned previously, the Amethyst stone is a type of Quartz. This means it is relatively cost-effect when chosen as a gift or placed in a piece of jewelry, and makes an excellent durable stone to be utilized in pendants and earrings. It is, however, important to note that the gemstone may not be the most appropriate stone to use for a ring or a bracelet – the stone ranks seventh on the Mohs hardness scale. This means that the stone is durable, but not as hard as a Diamond, Corundum or Topaz.

Birthstone Gifting Ideas

amethyst diamond ring

The Amethyst stone ring is the perfect gift for any person who was born in the month February since it has been deemed the birthstone of february. Additionally, the stone is also often provided as a wedding anniversary gift – specifically on the sixth and the 17th anniversary.


People born in February are associated with the amethyst birth stone, a purplish stone that is thought to bring power, peace and expel any evil powers that may be present in the wearer’s life. While the stone is most commonly associated with the month February, it also makes a good gift for couples celebrating their sixth or 17th wedding anniversary.