April Birthstone: Diamonds

Diamonds are often recognized as some of the most precious gemstones in existence, with some of the smallest diamonds ranging from as much as $5,000 and up in price. These gemstones have also been deemed the April birthstone of those individuals who were born in April. In ancient times, Diamonds were only available to those who were of royalty. Today, however, diamonds are readily available, but still not affordable to the average person. Amongst all gemstones, the Diamond is usually considered the “King”.  Let’s take a closer look at where the Diamond originated from, the meaning behind this diamond stone and some other interesting facts for those born in April.

The History Of The Diamond

The history of the diamond may not stretch back as far as some other gemstone types, but this does not make this gemstone any less significant. History dates the diamond back to around 4BC, where it is believed that historians traded with these gemstones. The reason for the Diamond’s value is mostly due to the understanding of its formation. The American Gem Society explains that prior to the realization of how Diamonds are formed, it was first believed that these gemstones were the result of lightning.

The Value And Use Of The Diamond


Diamonds are some of the most valuable gemstones known to man, and is also one of the most expensive stones that can be purchased today. These stones are thought to bring about healing, with some beliefs explaining that the black Diamond gemstone is able to help treat disorders of the pituitary gland and even draw out toxins that may be present in the bloodstream. There are also some beliefs that Diamonds are able to heal diseases that affect the brain.

When considering mentions of the Blue Diamond throughout history that remains present today, the gemstone is most commonly associated with eternal love; thus being the reason it is often placed in an engagement ring, a piece of jewelry that marks the start of a couple’s journey together – where two lives come together and form a beautiful story.

The price of a Diamond is often something that makes this particular type of gemstone only available to certain people. Most people that are able to afford a Diamond often has to settle for a Diamond that weighs under one carat – 1 carat diamond price of this gemstone spikes significantly. 2 carat diamond price, there is another major spike, as well as at some other weights.

Technical Details Of A Diamond

The Diamond gemstone is often recognized for its hardness, ranking highest on the Mohs hardness scale. These gemstones are considered the hardest substance on the planet. A Diamond can also only be cut with a Diamond. The durability and hardness of the gemstone makes it perfect for virtually any use – from day-to-day jewelry to sophisticated pieces of jewelry that are only worn for special occasions.

diamond colors

Diamonds can be found in a variety of colors. These colors include red diamondgreen diamondpink diamondblue diamondyellow diamond and many more diamond color grade. Some colors are rarer than others. The colors can range from light hues to a deeper, more vivid color. Vivid colors are usually much more expensive than Diamonds that contain lighter hues of a specific color. It is also rarer to find a Diamond with one particular primary color and no secondary colors.


Diamonds are considered to be the most precious gemstone, featuring the highest value amongst all gemstones. These gemstones are known to be the hardest substance on Earth and can cost a significant amount of money. Diamonds are most often used in engagement rings, but can also be found in other types of jewelry, such as earrings and bracelets.