May Birthstone: Emeralds Representing Immortality And A Vision Of Truth

The month of May is associated with the Emerald gemstone, a stone that has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. There are quite a significant number of beliefs behind the Emerald May gemstone, and it is used in a large variety of jewelry. While not the hardest gemstone in existence, the Emerald is still durable and can be used in everyday jewelry in some cases. In this article, we are going to explore the history of the Emerald stone, take a look at the beliefs around this particular stone and also mention some useful tips when considering an Emerald stone as a gift.

History Of The Emerald Gemstone Names

The definite discovery date of the Emerald is not exactly known, but various speculations have been made. According to the American Gem Society, some estimates have been made that the Emerald may have been present over 2.97 billion years ago, while others have dated the Emerald back to around 330 B.C., with believes that the stone was mined by ancient Egyptians. One of the reasons why the Emerald stone is dated back to Egypt is due to the obsession Cleopatra had with this particular type of gemstone. In fact, according to history, Cleopatra was so obsessed with the Emerald, she claimed all of the mines where Emeralds could be found throughout the entire Egypt as her own.

In ancient Egypt, Emerald stones were not only fitted in precious pieces of jewelry, but were also buried with monarchs due to the fact that these stones are thought to bring about protection – even to those who are buried with it. Apart from notes about the Emerald in ancient Egyptian history, the stones have also been tracked by to Muzo Indians, who resided within Colombia. The Muzo Indians had emerald mines that were hidden away.

The Value Of The Emerald Gemstone

Today, the Emerald is a treasured and precious gemstone. While not as pricey as Diamonds, these gemstones can still cost a significant amount of money. The most important quality of an Emerald lies within its Clarity. Imperfections and inclusions are to be expected within Emeralds – those Emeralds with a high clarity rating are also most often unaffordable to the average consumer looking to purchase jewelry fitted with an Emerald or to buy loose Emerald stones.

Apart from the clarity rating, Emeralds are also graded based upon the intensity of their color – the more intense the color, the higher the value. The carat weight is also an important factor to consider when identifying the value and price of a particular Emerald stone.

Meaning Of The Emerald Gemstone


Emerald stones are most often considered to provide protection to the wearer; thus also the reason why these stones were buried with certain ancient Egyptians. Apart from protection, the gemstone Emerald is also often associated with immortality and rebirth, as well as longevity and good health. At a certain time, Emerald stones were utilized to determine whether two lovers were truly in love or not. In Greek and Roman history, there are also mentions that it was once believed that Emerald stones brought about better vision. Furthermore, some civilizations also believed that the Emerald stones brought about power.

Gifting Of The Emerald Gemstone

Any person born in the month of May will appreciate a piece of jewelry that comes fitted with an Emerald, since this gemstone has been deemed their birthstone. Additionally, it should also be mentioned that the Emerald gemstone ring is considered a traditional gift for a couple’s 20th or 35th wedding anniversary.


Birthstone for may Emerald gemstone is a durable stone that is associated with youthfulness, immortality and longevity. The stone was admired by Cleopatra and some of its first mentions dates back to ancient Egypt. The Emerald stone is the perfect gift for any person who was born in May month, but can also be an appropriate gift as a wedding anniversary should a couple be celebrating their 20th or 35th anniversary.