Rare Carat Review: Let AI Help You Find Your Ring

In the modern world, we are faced with simply too much information and choices. When it comes to buying an engagement ring, things are just as complicated. There are thousands of different engagement rings on the market and a lot of brands that sell these rings. It becomes even more difficult when you consider how many people have been scammed by diamond jewelry retailers in the past. Unfortunately, restricting your search to local jewelry retailers means you will have a very limited selection of diamonds to choose from. When buying from online brands, you have many concerns to think about, on the other hand.

This is where Rare Carat comes in. Rare Carat is a platform created to help people find the perfect diamond that perfectly fits in with their requirements, from a brand that can be trusted. The platform is easy to use and provides many features that make the entire process of finding the right diamond quickly and more convenient than having to search through the websites and catalogs of different brands.

Your Guide To Making The Most Out Of The Rare Carat Platform

Whether you are planning a proposal, getting ready for marriage or would like to buy a piece of fine jewelry for someone special in your love, diamonds are now considered the most appropriate type of gemstone for these jewelry items. Rare Carat’s primary purpose is to take away the complications of having to browse through thousands of catalogs to find a particular diamond and ring that will fit your needs and budget.

The Rare Carat platform is based on IBM Watson technology, an artificial intelligent interface that collects data from different sources and presents the data in an organized way. Data regarding diamonds and engagement rings are collected from the databases of many retailer databases and then stored in one central database.

Using the Rare Carat platform is truly easy. Simply visit the official Rare Carat website, and you instantly get access to the platform. Here, you can choose between a variety of options to initiate your search. Start by selecting the diamond shape you desire. This is a crucial step as it will impact the options that will be available to you – including the particular engagement ring settings that can be utilized to fit your diamond. In addition to specifying the particular shape you prefer, you can also specify a price range – select a range that fits your budget, while still allowing some flexibility. You can adjust the range between $350 up to $2,000,000.

For more customization options, simply click on the “More options” link, and you’ll be presented with additional options that will help you create a more accurate filter. You can specify a carat weight, which can range from 0.15 carats to 15 carats, as well as the cut quality, clarity rating and color grade of the diamond you are looking for.

Additional filtering options include choosing the particular style you wish the engagement ring’s setting to feature – you can also specify a specific price range for the setting. The metal type used in the ring’s setting can also be specified here.


Choosing the perfect diamond is essential if you truly wish to obtain real value for your money, but the fact that there are too many options available today when it comes to buying diamonds and jewelry on the internet makes this extremely difficult. With the Rare Carat platform, however, this process has been simplified by providing a single database that collects details of diamonds available from hundreds of trusted, approved brands.