November Birthstone

People in November are given the choice to choose between two different birthstones, with the Topaz gemstone being the primary birthstone of November and the Citrine gemstone taking place as the secondary birthstone for November. Both of these two gemstone types have beautiful features that make them perfect for a wide variety of birthstone jewelry types. Each also has some unique properties that make them the perfect choice for a selected number of people who were born in November. In this article, we will explore both the Topaz and the Citrine gemstones, and take a closer look at which stone is the more appropriate choice for setting people and settings.

The Topaz Gemstone

The Topaz birthstone has been mentioned in numerous historical writings, dating back to ancient times. Originally, the term “Topaz” was used to refer to a wide variety of gemstones that were yellow in color. Today, however, the term refers to a very specific series of gemstones, which are identified by their particular composition of various minerals.

In some ancient civilizations, including ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was believed that the Topaz gemstone drove away madness and helped to cure a person of experiencing nightmares. They also believed that these gemstones had the power to calm down angry behaviors. In Europe, it was also believed that the Topaz gemstone had the ability to expel angry thoughts and behaviors. Amongst African and Hindu civilizations, Topaz gemstones were believed to possess healing powers.

Although the Topaz is originally a gemstone that features a golden yellow color, these stones can also be found in many topaz birthstone colors, including pink, red, blue, orange and green. The red Topaz is one of the rarest kinds and can be very expensive. These stones rank eighth on the Mohs hardness scale; thus meaning it can be used in a variety of jewelry types due to its hardness and durability.

The Citrine Gemstone

In addition to the Topaz gemstone being deemed the primary birthstone for those born in November, the Citrine gemstone has also been associated with those born in this month – deemed the secondary November birthstone. Similar to the Topaz gemstone, the traditional color of the Citrine gemstone is yellow. The word is derived from “citron”, a French word that places an emphasis on the fruit-like yellowish color featured by the Citrine gemstone.

The Citrine is part of the Quartz family and obtains its color from iron impurities that collect within the Quartz stone deposits. Citrine gemstones are most commonly found within Rio Grande, as well as in other parts of Brazil. Additionally, these gemstones have also been discovered in other parts of the world, including Spain, France, Russia, the United States, Madagascar and Bolivia.

These gemstones rank seventh on the Mohs hardness scale. This means they are not as hard and durable as the Topaz gemstone, but they still outperform the Orthoclase and the Apatite stones. This makes Citrine an appropriate gemstone to use in earrings and pendants. It is, however, not recommended to use a citrine gemstone ring that will be worn on a daily basis.


The Topaz and Citrine gemstones have been dubbed the birthstones of November. Both stones feature a relatively high rank on the Mohs hardness scale; thus offering durability and the perfect choice for everyday wear in certain settings. In this article, we have discussed some of the most essential features of each diamond, and also looked at the origin of both gemstones, to help those born in November realize why these stones have been dubbed their birthstones.