Diamond color chart

As you are about to learn, diamonds are available in a wide variety of colors. Some of these colors – like yellowblue, and pink – are looked upon very highly. So it makes sense to place a specific grade by using a diamond color chart.

When a diamond has less body color in a white diamond, it is going to reflect more of its true color, and this will provide a tremendous value. So, we’ll discuss the different types of diamonds based on color and provide you with a letter grade for each of them.

Colorless Diamonds: Grades D, E, F

With colorless diamonds that fall under this grade range, you will be able to notice slight differences in the color between the three, but you’ll need a gemologist or somebody that’s very good at comparing diamonds, and they’ll need to look at each diamond side-by-side to notice the subtle differences. Someone with an untrained eye will have a difficult time spotting these differences.

With diamonds in this grade range, you should only set them in platinum or white gold. You will negate the colorless effect of white diamonds if you set them in yellow gold, so try to avoid that.  You can read more about this type of diamond on this page.

Color Chart for Diamonds

Near Colorless Diamonds: Grades G, H, I, J

Diamonds that fall under this grade range will contain a trace amount of colors. They are also ideally suited for white gold and platinum settings. In these settings, you’ll be able to discover a hint of color hidden within the diamond.

Diamonds in this grade range are a bit more common than colorless diamonds, but they are still considered an abundant value. On average, any diamond within the I-J range will cost roughly half the price of a D grade diamond.

Faint Color Diamonds: Grades K, L, M

In this specific color chart, we’ve reached a point where it becomes a lot easier to actually detect the colors within the diamond by just using the naked eye.

This range of diamonds looks very attractive when it is set in yellow gold, and some people find their warm colors very appealing.

The great thing about faint colored diamonds is that they are much more affordable than other options, so they do provide an exceptional value.

On the other hand, some people feel like there is too much color in these diamonds, so they do not prefer them because of the perceptible hint of color.

Very Light Color Diamonds: N-R

With diamonds available in this range, the brown or yellow tint of color is very noticeable. If you do not mind owning a diamond with a noticeable tint, then this is a good option because they are very affordable.

Many jewelers do not carry diamonds in this color range because they just aren’t in demand.

Light Color Diamonds: S-Z

Most customers looking to buy a diamond will steer clear of light colored diamonds because they contain just too much color in them. Again, since there is so little demand for this type of diamond, many jewelers will not carry them.