Ritani Engagement Rings Reviews

You may know Ritani from reading about Ritani engagement rings on other industry review journals, but did you also know they distribute through select partner stores?  Today I’ll share what I know about this online diamond seller as well as let you know what I dug up in my investigative report.  As usual, I left no stone unturned when doing my due diligence.

Overall, I found out that the company has an impeccable record when it comes to providing quality products and service.  Service is my #1 “must have” with any company I buy jewelry from.  Who wants to invest serious money in something so precious only to get left out in the cold when you need service?  Not me!


This is where I have to downgrade a bit.  Their prices just don’t compete with places like Blue Nile or James Allen Jewelers.  They also don’t offer the same selection of settings.

That being said, I’ve read a ton about their “click and bricks” model and it’s worth talking about as it’s a big part of their business that makes them stand out in a way. 

With this model, you can have anything you find online shipped to a retailer of your choice where you can inspect it further.  If you enjoy the experience of going into a store, this could be a great way for you to get that extra look and feel before pulling the trigger.

ritani warranty

Sure, it’s a face that other retailers that sell exclusively online allow you to return a product that you don’t like, but this allows you to do it all through the retail store as a point of contact.  It’s also practical if you want to minimize on the time it’ll take to get the credit to return to your debit or credit card when you use a web based store.

It’s worth noting that Ritani will even pick up the return shipping.  This is sort of moot point to us because in all of the diamond advising I’ve done one on one via email for people who contact me, I’ve only had one person be unsatisfied to the point that they actually returned an item.

Our Shopping Experience with Ritani

Ritani has a very nice website. It is clear, intuitive and easy to navigate. They are a large company with an excellent selection of diamonds.

Ritani has direct relationships with their suppliers, so the diamonds they have listed are guaranteed to be available. This seems to be the case for the big three companies; Blue Nile, James Allen and Ritani.

Other sites use lists of diamonds from industry lists that are not always accurate (diamonds may not be available, the seller may not agree to sell it to the website you try to purchase it from etc). Working with one of these three sites gives you a more seamless buying experience.

Ritani also has the option to have a gemologist inspect the diamonds for you. You can select up to four diamonds, book a time slot, and they will give you a more detailed review of those diamonds.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Upgrades and Trade Ins
  • Brilliant Rewards: Purchase a Ritani Engagement Ring and unlock a portfolio of exclusive offers for your entire wedding journey.
  • Interest Free Financing Available with the Ritani Credit Card
  • All Diamonds are Certified by AGS or GIA
  • Free Shipping: Ritani offers complimentary shipping on all jewelry shipped in the U.S. via FedEx® Priority Overnight and to Canada via FedEx® Express Shipping.


There is no questioning the quality of Ritani designed diamonds, they just might be a little pricier compared to similarly graded diamonds by GIA. That being said, if your looking for a name brand diamond Ritani is certainly a great option. Before you go shopping, make sure you are familiar with the 4 C’s of diamond grading that can be found by clicking on the image below.