Jeff Cooper Review: Jewelry That Helps You Tell Your Story

A marriage is the beginning of a new story – the story of you and your partner’s life becoming one in many ways. There will be special moments, happy times, sad times and those in-between moments. Every couple’s story is different from another couple’s story and unique in its own special way. For this reason, it is important that the engagement ring, the wedding ring and, of course, the wedding band also helps you and your partner make your story more unique. Unfortunately, most of the online jewelry stores that sell diamond jewelry offer jewelry that is based on very similar principles – so, in the end, these jewelry pieces will not help to make your story truly unique. Jeff Cooper, however, goes the extra mile when he and his talented team design new jewelry. Instead of looking at the traditional principles, they rather focus on designing unique jewelry that will help a couple make sure their story is unique in every way.

Jeff Cooper: A Unique Brand Of Diamond Jewelry

Jeff Cooper, as the name suggests, was originally founded by Jeff Cooper. The brand has been in business for over four decades and was founded in 1976. Jeff Cooper has received numerous awards for their jewelry, including the Platinum Designer of the Year, also called the PGI’s, award. The brand specializes in metal settings that are produced from platinum and gold, and they have a particular interest in fitting their unique metal settings with gorgeous and distinct diamonds

Jeff Cooper has quite a unique collection of jewelry and they also offer something that most other brands do not – wedding sets. While an engagement ring is the very first accessory needed for a wedding to take place, a wedding ring is another essential accessory that is needed on the day of the wedding. The problem, however, is that both of these rings are worn on the same finger – and since the engagement ring can cost thousands of dollars, you really do not want to throw it away and replace it with another expensive ring. You would rather want to keep both rings, but there won’t be any space to wear both of these rings on one finger. This is where the Jeff Cooper wedding set collection comes in. The brand offers a wide selection of wedding sets that include an engagement ring and a wedding ring. What makes this so unique is the fact that the two rings are designed to fit perfectly next to each other; thus avoiding a ring that is too big for the finger or that looks unnatural. Instead, the rings will look like a double band, fitted with a diamond on top, after both have been fitted on the finger.

If you want to buy jewelry from Jeff Cooper, then you will be glad to learn that there are many ways to buy jewelry that has been designed by this brand. The most obvious way to buy from this brand is to log onto their website and place an order – but not everyone feels safe buying diamonds on the internet. Fortunately, there are numerous authorized jewelers that sell Jeff Cooper jewelry. To find a store, simply access their store locator and enter your zip code or location.


Jeff cooper ring

The jewelry, including the engagement ring, wedding band, and wedding ring, that are utilized in a marriage should be as unique as the couple’s life story together, but most jewelry brands do not consider the uniqueness of their customers, but rather focuses on mass producing jewelry to make money. This is not the case with Jeff Cooper, who personally inspects every single piece of jewelry that is produced by his private team of jewelry designers. The brand offers unique jewelry that is designed to help a couple tell their story.

If you are shopping for Jeff Cooper, we strongly recommend you shop online here.  Upon reading that review, you’ll have no doubt in your mind why we handed James Allen our prestigious five diamond award