Martin Flyer Review: The Go-To Jewelry Brands For Brides-To-Be

Just like the fashion industry, the diamond industry has seen a significant growth lately and many designers have brought their jewelry pieces to the market. Since a diamond ring is often the preferred piece of jewelry for a wedding, a lot of people often consider these designer jewelry as a way to ensure their engagement and wedding rings are unique and different from the jewelry bought by another couple that is getting married. Unfortunately, not all of the jewelry created by these specialized designers are appropriate for engagement or weddings rings. Thus, buying from a company that has experience in designing jewelry that is specifically made for the purpose of an engagement or wedding is often a better option. Martin Flyer is one particular brand that focuses on designing engagement rings, wedding rings and, of course, wedding bands. The company has numerous benefits to offer its clients and their prices are also quite reasonable, especially when compared to some of the other designer jewelry brands out there.

A Brief History Of Martin Flyer

The brand was originally founded by Martin Flyer in 1945. The idea behind the brand was to deliver classic bridal jewelry with unique “twists” that makes them more desirable by brides-to-be. Today, the brand is run by Joshua Kaufman, who acts as the CEO of Martin Flyer. The brand is in its third generation now and has gained quite a lot of experience designing a large variety of bridal jewelry over the last 70 years. Their motto is “The Quality You Expect, The Personal Service You Deserve”. In simpler terms, this means the brand’s goal is to deliver jewelry of exceptional quality and to ensure every single customer is dealt with in a friendly and professional way – and that every customer is treated as equal.

Martin Flyer’s Bridal Jewelry Classification

Martin Flyer has quite a unique way of classifying the different bridal jewelry they design. The classification system is also where they recommend a customer starts when they want to shop for a particular engagement ring or wedding ring. While there are different levels of classifications that Martin Flyer uses, the following are the fundamental classes that all of their levels are based upon:

  • Solitaire style engagement rings
  • Three stone style engagement rings
  • Channel style engagement rings
  • Shared prong style engagement rings
  • Micro Pave style engagement rings

The Benefits Of Martin Flyer

Let’s consider the benefits that Martin Flyer offers their customers to better understand why this might be the perfect brand for any potential customer that is looking for a brand where they can buy unique wedding jewelry for their wedding. First, it is vital to note that Martin Flyer offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their jewelry. Their lifetime guarantee is also somewhat better than many of the lifetime guarantees that are often provided by jewelry designers. Instead of only providing a warranty that offers filling and other clarification services for diamonds that have obtained damage, Martin Flyer also includes regular maintenance on all diamond products purchased from them. Customers can take their Martin Flyer jewelry to an authorized retailer at bi-annual or annual intervals to obtain proper maintenance – this will ensure the jewelry lasts longer and stays sparkly.

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Martin Flyer offers a sophisticated collection of designer jewelry that has been designed with brides and grooms in mind. They highly value their customers and offers exceptional customer service, a range of magnificent jewelry and they also have a unique way of classifying the different styles of bridal and wedding jewelry; creating an environment that does not only make it easy for the customer but also convenient and enjoyable.

Where to Buy Martin Flyer? 

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