Kay Jewelers review

Kay Jewelers is among the largest wholesale chain jewelry stores in the US. They operate over 900 stores and can be found in many of the largest shopping centers across the country.

You’ve certainly heard their advertisements on the television and radio. The jingle “Ever Kiss Begins With Kay” is one of the most recognizable in recent marketing history. What you probably didn’t know is that they have been making a push to grow their online business and compete with the big boys. I won’t go on record to say they compete with our five diamond winner (read about it here) but you can expect the same quality and service you’d expect in a retail store when you shop at their online site.

History of Kay Jewelers & Their Diamonds

Way back in 1916 the Kaufmann brothers, Edmund and Sol, founded the first ever location in their father’s furniture store in Pennsylvania. Their early days consisted of products outside of jewelry, but they now focus on fine jewelry box and watches exclusively. The company is part of the largest retailer in the world, under the parent firm Signet Jewelers.

When it comes to their pre-set rings, Kay Jewelers rings certainly doesn’t disappoint in terms of variety – there are hundreds of pre-set rings to choose from in an extensive range of unique and imaginative designs.

What Type of Jewelry Do They Offer

In addition to the generic designs sold at their stores you’ll also find brands like Tolkowsky, Angel Sanchez, and Vera Wang. They also offer a wide variety of pre-set rings featuring many different designs.

Customization Options

In terms of making your own ring, you can select both the diamond and setting right on their website. Using the tool, you can complete your entire design and decide if you want to purchase it.

The amount of loose diamonds offered is very substantial, so you should have no problem finding something to your liking. Of course, your next step is choosing a setting. You’ll be happy to know that there are over 100 designs to select from.

Diamond Certification

You’ll find that just about every place we review that talks about diamonds uses GIA and AGS diamond certification. You won’t find that with Kay Jewelers, however. They primarily work with other labs so when you compare the prices and diamonds you’ll want to remember this.

Kay Jewelers outlet works with IGI labs. This is a concern because a stone certified by IGI is notoriously known to be over graded about 2 or 3 levels in comparison to what would be graded in a GIA or AGS certification.

Prices and Guarantees

You won’t find Kay Jewelers as a low price leader! They are overpriced by up to 100% when you compare them to other stores like the previously mentioned James Allen and other shops like this one.

I suppose when you have the overhead like they do, prices get passed on to the consumer. It’s hard to run a retail business and have one pricing model that works with retail, and then have a web presence that in order to compete, would have to lower it’s price points. When this happens, the retail stores suffer. So they have some issues as far as that goes, but their brand name can carry them a long way as it’s highly trusted.

As far as the guarantee, they offer a Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Guarantee on the following:

  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds

And of course, diamonds.

Service plans are available if you want to get some extra protection. Your plan will include sizing adjustments, polishing, refinishing, and resetting. You just have to get the work done at an Official store.

So What if you Need to Return an Item?

Like many places, if you aren’t completely satisfied, you have a 60 day window to bring it to a store for a full refund. If you want to exchange it, you have 90 days.

There are no returns or exchanges on anything you make custom. Please bear this in mind if you are going to customize anything!

How Many Diamonds Do We Rate Kay Jewelers?

You would think a massive brand, huge retail presence, and very large selection of merchandise to choose from would make Kay Jewelers engagement rings a go-to destination for engagement and bridal rings, but it’s not one I can recommend.

The reasons below outline why there are better options out there:

  1. Price. They simply don’t compete.
  2. IGI Certification. This makes it hard to know what you are getting.

Those may only be two points, but they loom large in the grand scheme of things.