Shane Co Diamond Reviews

Shane Company is dubbed as the largest privately owned jeweler in the US. The company is known as a direct importer of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Operating in about 20 retail stores in 13 states, the company made a long way from one jewelry store founded in 1971 to a giant in this industry. You’ve probably heard or come across Shane Co. on more occasions than one, but did you ever wonder if their genesis diamonds really are better than elsewhere? This review focuses on quality of offer at Shane Co., our findings will surprise you!

Our First Impression of Shane Co. Jewelry

Never underestimate the power of first impressions in life, including that gut feeling you have when you walk into some store. Walking into Shane Co. store was definitely an odd experience. The store itself was mediocre; there was nothing luxurious or sophisticated about it. The place seemed kind of dull and plain.

Since there weren’t many customers inside, several employees greeted us immediately while one slick-looking salesman took over and showed us around.

Like every salesman, this one also tried to describe how diamonds they sell are unique, high-quality, can’t be found anywhere else at that price, and also made some interesting (more likely absurd) statements. For example, according to the salesperson from Shane Co. certification of diamond isn’t important at all. This always raises a red flag because certification is essential.

he gentleman proceeded to present four cushion cut distinctive diamonds, only one was GIA certified while remaining three had no certification whatsoever. Upon the brief inspection, it was obvious that three uncertified diamonds wouldn’t even meet criteria for certification. The only decent option there was 1.00 J SI 1 with poor clarity and color.

Regarding the certified diamond, it wasn’t impressive either. The depth was terrible and made the diamond appear smaller, which is never a good thing.

The Value

In the process of reviewing different diamond sellers, it is not uncommon for us to enter a reputable store where king diamonds are supposed to be of high quality but the value is almost nonexistent. This store wasn’t an exception, unfortunately.

One of the biggest shortcomings in Shane Co.’s diamond we evaluated is an evident lack of quality. The problem becomes even bigger when you take into account the ridiculously expensive prices:

  • Non-certified J SI 1 (low-end K SI diamond) – $4805 + tax
  • GIA-certified diamond – $6477 including tax

What’s outrageous here is that the true value of diamonds is significantly lower than the one they try to present.

When you think about it, in the long run, it doesn’t really pay off. If you take a look at or, you’ll find numerous diamond and silk half the price of those offered by Shane Co. Not only that, those diamonds have the quality that justifies the price, which isn’t the case here. Overall, the offering and prices are utterly ridiculous and unfair to customers. After closer inspection, you can clearly see that Shane Co.’s diamonds are about 80% more expensive than counterparts from the online-only diamond store.

Conclusion: What Do We Think About Shane Co.?

There is nothing worse than walking into a store feeling optimistic only to be slapped by false statements made by salespersons or poor offer and ridiculous prices. Shane Co. is dubbed as one of the largest diamond importer and seller companies, which is why they do need to step up their game and offer more to customers. Expensive prices for low-quality diamonds without real value are unacceptable. buying diamonds online brings more benefits due to the absence of state sale tax and the quality is way better.