Simon G. Review: Engagement Rings That Truly Stand Out From The Crowd

There are so many brands of jewelry designers on the internet and in jewelry stores today, that we do not know who do buy from anymore. Each brand has their own particular style when it comes to designing jewelry, but, in the end, we want to make sure we get real value for the money we spend on an engagement ring. After all, an engagement ring that is fitted with a diamond can cost a lot of money and throwing money in the water simply is not an option when you are about to propose to the love of your life. While there are some brands that are considered “generic”, others have made a name for themselves and have become renowned in the diamond industry. Simon G is one particular example of a jewelry designer that has gained an international reputation for being one of the top diamond jewelry designers in the world. Let’s take a closer look at what Simon G offers and why they are so popular amongst those that are shopping for an engagement ring that will surely make a positive impression.

Simon G Engagement Rings

simon g rings

Simon G is most popular for their particularly interesting design concepts when it comes to engagement rings. Unlike most brands that follow the standard and traditional ways of designing these pieces of jewelry, Simon G rings have a habit of utilizing their creativity and designing true pieces of art that stand out from almost anything else. One particular aspect that we find beneficial about Simon G is their bridal duos, a line of engagement and wedding rings that go together and comes in a set. These sets include both the engagement ring that is used during the proposal, as well as the wedding ring that is used on the day of the wedding. Instead of having to wear two different rings, the bridal duo sets have been designed in such a way that they fit in with each other; thus causing the illusion of one particular ring being worn when, in fact, the bride is wearing two separate rings. 

Other Simon G Jewelry

Apart from their outstanding line of Simon G engagement ring, wedding rings and, rose gold rings, of course, their bridal duos, Simon G also specializes in a range of other jewelry. These include necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. The brand also offers a line of fashion rings that can be used as anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and for other occasions that are not related to a wedding or proposal. Furthermore, for those who are not particularly fans of wedding rings, the brand also offers quite a large selection of wedding bands that can be worn instead.

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A particularly interesting fact about Simon G is their Men’s department. Instead of mixing their jewelry, they have dedicated an entire section to their male customers – this is a feature that we rarely see amongst jewelry brands as they often tend to focus more on their female customers (or the male customers that are buying jewelry for their female companions). At the moment, they offer a selection of rings for men. Many of these rings are perfectly appropriate to be used as a wedding band for the groom, while others would rather be appropriate to be worn as a fashion ring. In addition to the rings they have for men, Simon G also has a selection of bracelets available that have been tailored towards the modern man.