Which Ring Should Be More Expensive – Wedding Or Engagement?

Everyone knows that an engagement ring is given to a woman before a wedding ring. Men often spend countless hours planning the perfect proposal – and then, once again, a countless number of hours to choose the perfect ring they will use to propose to their loved one. These rings can cost quite a lot of money. Even when only fitted with a significantly small diamond, an engagement ring can still cost a lot. The same goes for a wedding ring, especially when the man decides to buy a wedding ring that is also fitted with some diamonds or other precious gemstones.

The costs can quickly add up – and, even though these are often the most expensive costs that a person or couple will incur when they get married, there is still a wedding to be planned, which means the rings are not the only expenses that are coming up.

For a lot of people, buying two expensive rings is not a logical option. They would not be able to afford this – even on financing, two rings can quickly add up to a large monthly installment. Thus, people often try to determine which ring will play the most significant role in the journey to becoming married – as this particular ring should, of course, be the more expensive one.

engagement rings

Most women tend to dream about their perfect engagement ring from a very young age. It is the ring that marks their journey to becoming married. A ring that marks the life they begin with someone they hold very dear to their hearts. For these reasons, the engagement ring is most often considered to more important of the two; thus the majority of men tend to spend more money on the engagement ring than on the wedding ring.

An engagement ring also usually contains a diamond center stone, while a wedding ring is traditionally made from only a metal. For this reason, it becomes obvious that the engagement ring will, in deed, be the more expensive piece of jewelry. Wedding rings may still contain a couple of side stones, but it is generally recommended to place more attention on the perfect engagement ring, and then to find a wedding band that blends in with that particular engagement ring.