Which Ring Goes On Top, Wedding or Engagement Ring?

A wedding is often looked upon as a magical event, a day where two people come together and promise to be faithful to each other for eternity. Before the day of the wedding, the man traditionally has to propose to the women. During the proposal, the man presents the woman with an engagement ring. Traditionally, the engagement ring will contain a diamond at the top – although other types of stones have also become quite popular jewelry stone in recent years. On the day of the wedding, the man again offers a ring to the woman. The problem that many people face, however, is where the wedding ring should go if there is already an beautiful diamond engagement ring placed on the woman’s ring finger on her left hand.

There are different beliefs as to how an engagement ring and a wedding ring should be worn. No only belief, but some people have their own preferences. For this reason, there isn’t really a definite answer to the question regarding which ring should be worn on top, since this is often determined by every individual person. We will, however, discuss the most common traditions as to how an engagement ring and a wedding ring are worn after the day of the wedding.

The most popular way for a woman to wear her two precious diamond ring is to wear them in the order she received them in. She received the engagement ring first; thus it will be placed at the bottom of her finger and the wedding ring will simply be added to the top on the day of her wedding.

Some women may also prefer to change the order of these two rings, and place the wedding ring on the bottom and the engagement ring at the top. In such a case, a woman would often remove the engagement ring on the day of her wedding and wear it on her other hand. Once the wedding ring has been placed on her finger, she would then place the engagement ring alongside the wedding ring.

In some cases, the two rings can be combined by a professional jeweler. There are also some women who stops wearing the engagement ring after the wedding, or who alternates between the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

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