Lavalier insurance reviews

On average, men opt for a 0.9 carat diamond when they buy an engagement ring that comes fitted with a real, high-quality diamond. This allows them to spend a little more on the other qualities of the diamond, such as the color grade and the cut quality, as well as opt for a higher clarity rating to ensure the diamond has a good level of sparkle. The average cost of such as diamond usually ranges from around $6,100, but can cost up to $6,500 and even more. This is only the cost of the diamond and does not yet include the cost of the setting that the diamond will be fitted in.

As you can see, a diamond engagement ring costs a lot – in most cases, more than $6,100. To buy such a ring, a lot of men have to save up for a considerable amount of time or take out a personal loan to pay for the diamond. This means that losing the ring means a loss of over $6,000 – and the fact that the man had to save up money for a long time or even had to take out a loan to buy the ring means the ring would not be replaceable by the man for some time.

The alternative option is to make a claim at an insurance company for the lost ring but, for this to happen, you would need to have an insurance policy for that diamond engagement ring. Fortunately, insurance policies that are specifically tailored to jewelry owners are often affordable and will help you buy a new ring in case yours is lost.

Worldwide Jewelry Insurance By Lavalier Insurance

The majority of jewelry insurance companies seems to be situated in the United States. Do a quick search for such companies and you’ll notice that most of them lists “national coverage in the United States” as one of their features. This means those who are not in the United States would not be able to gain access to their services. Additionally, some companies would only cover for theft or pay out when you lose the diamond within the country that is covered, being the United States in the majority of cases. Thus, losing your diamond in another country means you may not be covered.

With Lavalier Insurance, you get access to worldwide jewelry insurance, which means you are covered no matter where you are. The company does not limit their coverage to the United States, but rather covers their clients regardless of their location. This is one of the major benefits that clients gain access to when they choose Lavalier Insurance for insuring their diamond engagement rings, as well as any other expensive jewelry items that are precious to them.

The fact that Lavalier Insurance offers worldwide coverage on expensive jewelry is not the only benefit that the company has to offer clients. Additionally, this company offers competitive rates for their insurance services, ranging from as low as 1% of the insured jewelry’s value. This is a major benefit as some insurance companies can ask much more than such a low percentage of the jewelry’s total value.


​Lost your diamond engagement ring? Then there is a good chance that you have just lost over $6,000, according to statistics on the average diamond size chosen for engagement rings. Fortunately, if you are covered by a company like Lavalier Insurance, then you can place a claim and gain back a ring of similar value. Lavalier Insurance offers worldwide cover at affordable prices that covers you against more than just theft.