Jewelers Mutual Review

In the modern world, with robberies occurring around every corner, insurance has become a service that the general population now deems as essential. Without insurance, stolen items would result in permanent loss of money, and with the average salary and wage rates being very low right now, replacement of these stolen items are often not possible. With insurance, however, replacement is possible since the insurance broker would pay for the replacement of the item, in exchange for a monthly fee that is payable by the customer.

When it comes to jewelry, specialized insurance is often needed to protect jewelry against their full value. While some general insurance companies can insure jewelry, they often fail to pay out the full value of jewelry that was lost or stolen. Many of the general insurance companies are also unable to insure jewelry against accidental loss or damage, but only against theft.

Why Choose Jewelers Mutual?

There are many jewelry insurance companies out there. Some of these companies are restricted to certain countries, with the United States being the country with the most abundant amount of these companies available. Other jewelry insurance companies offer worldwide protection against jewelry. Choosing the best insurance company for your jewelry pieces out of the many that are available is hard. How do you really know which company is the best and who to trust.

In this review, we want to introduce you to Jewelry Mutual, a company that has gained a reputation for being trustworthy and caring when it comes to covering your most precious pieces of jewelry, be it an expensive piece of earrings or the engagement ring your fiancé gave you on the day of your engagement.

Firstly, Jewelers Mutual is one of the only companies to offer jewelry coverage to both the average consumer and to businesses that deals with expensive pieces of jewelry. Their cover options are affordable and thousands of people have active policies at this particular insurer. Jewelers mutual insurance also ensures the entire process of buying jewelry insurance and claiming on an active policy is easy for their customers by allowing different methods for each of these particular options.

To get started and sign up for an insurance policy at Jewelers Mutual, a potential client simply needs to head over to their website and click the “Get A Quote” link. This will load a form that the client needs to complete. The form asks basic questions like how much their jewelry is worth and what type of jewelry they possess. After completing the form, the client can submit the form to receive an estimate on how much jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual will cost them on an annual basis, which would usually range between approximately 1% and 2% of the total value they would like to insure their jewelry for.

Once a client signs up for the policy after they have received a quotation, they are able to submit a claim easily by, once again, simply logging on to Jewelers Mutual’s website and clicking the “Submit A Claim” link. Here, the client will be requested to sign into their account, which was created upon signup. Thereafter, the client can complete a submission form and then Jewelers Mutual will review the submission and contact the client to process the claim.


Jewelry insurance demands a monthly fee to cover precious and expensive jewelry pieces against loss and theft, as well as to cover against potential expenses occurred due to damage dealt to the particular pieces of jewelry that are included on the jewelry insurance policy. Jewelers Mutual offers the best value for personal jewelry insurance and, in addition to their personal insurance coverage policies, they can also help business protect valuable items in their inventory against theft.