Best jewelry insurance companies

The Best Three Companies To Cover Your Jewelry Against Theft, Damage And Loss

You have worked very hard and paid a lot of money for the precious pieces of jewelry you own, yet anything can happen to those expensive items you wear on your fingers, wrists, neck or ears. Jewelry, regardless of the type, stones fitted in the jewelry and the metal used for the setting, often tend to cost thousands of dollars, and when lost or stolen, a person might lose all of that money. Replacing such a precious item would then incur further expenses on your account, which may not be possible after the first investment you made on the purchase. Fortunately, there is an excellent way in which people can prevent such expenses in case their jewelry is lost or stolen, or, in some cases, damaged. We are talking about personal jewelry insurance, a convenient service that replaces your stolen jewelry, or sometimes even replaces your jewelry in case you lost it.

While jewelry insurance surely is an excellent way to cover your jewelry and prevent unexpected losses and expenses should they be stolen or damaged, there are some things that people need to consider when it comes to taking out jewelry insurance. The particular company they choose for their jewelry insurance is often considered the most important choice, as not all companies can be fully trusted when it comes to protecting your expensive assets. Let’s take a look at three of the most trustworthy companies where you can get affordable coverage for your sophisticated collection of jewelry.

#1: Jewelers Mutual

The first company we want to talk about is Jewelers Mutual. This particular jewelry insurance company is one of the most reputable in the industry and is trusted by thousands of jewelry owners. The company offers competitive rates on their jewelry coverage services, and offers a unique experience to their customers. What’s more is the fact that Jewelers Mutual is run by experts in the jewelry business; thus ensuring the people that are covering your precious purchase knows exactly what your jewelry means to you. In addition to their personal jewelry coverage services, Jewelers Mutual also offers attractive jewelry insurance packages for businesses and jewelry retailers. It is also important to note that this particular jewelry insurance company has been providing professional coverage to the general public since 1913.

#2: Lavalier

Lavalier may not be as famous in the jewelry insurance industry as Jewelers Mutual, but they are certainly also worth taking a look at. The company offers competitive jewelry insurance quote, which can be requested directly from their website. All that is needed for a quotation to be made out is a zip code, as well as the value of the jewelry that needs to be insured. The company offers a personalized approach insurance on jewelry. What makes them quite unique in the industry is the fact that they offer worldwide coverage.


JIBNA is a company that specializes in personal insurance for jewelry in the North American area. They offer a standalone jewelry insurance program, with premiums ranging from $50 and up. In addition to their jewelry insurance, JIBNA also offers value-added services, as well as competitive rates when compared to other jewelry insurance companies that specializes in the same local regions.


For those who own expensive jewelry, gaining separate coverage to help them replace these precious items should they be stolen or lost, and to gain adequate repair services in case of damage, jewelry insurance is an essential service. This service is usually affordable and can save you thousands of dollars. Not all jewelry insurance companies are equal, however; thus we recommend starting with the three particular companies we analyzed in this post, and to see how they can help you get covered.